Arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Day 202 after our departure from Nairobi!

Expedition from Africa to the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil

Leaving Nairobi in November 2013, this epic journey will bring us to breathtaking Northern Kenya, rarely visited tribes in Southern Ethiopia, the spectacular landscapes of Oman, the ancient silk route from Iran to Samarkand, mountainous Eastern Kazakhstan, the dramatic Altai region in Siberia, rugged no-man’s land in Western & Central Mongolia and the endless Russian Far East where we will be exposed to grueling winter temperatures of down to -40°C.
As a reprieve from Mongolian and Russian winter temperatures, we will surely welcome tropical Pacific and Caribbean beaches in Mexico & Central America before heading to South America and following the magnificent Andes from Colombia to Bolivia and onwards to Brazil where we aim to arrive in time for the opening match of the 2014 Soccer World Cup.

To ensure that we will make it to Brazil in time for the 2014 Soccer World Cup, we have divided our journey into ten sections. Click on the map above and see the table below to find out more about each section.

The Journey
Approximate timings
1. Kenya, Ethiopia & Djibouti– from Nairobi to the Horn of Africa
2800 km
23 Nov to early Dec
2. Oman & Emirates – through Arabia
2400 km
Early to mid Dec 2013
3. Iran – from the Persian Gulf to Teheran
1500 km
Mid to late Dec 2013
4. Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan - the Silk Road
3200 km
Early to late Jan 2014
5. Kazakhstan, Russia & Mongolia – "Into the Cold" from Almaty to Ulaanbaatar
4400 km
Late Jan to mid Feb 2014
6. Russia – from Lake Baikal through Siberia and the Russian Far East to Vladivostok
4500 km
Mid Feb to early Mar 2014
7. US, Mexico & Guatemala – from Los Angeles to Acapulco and Quetzaltenango
5600 km
Mid Mar to early April 2014
8. Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama – through Central America
3100 km
Early to late April 2014
9. Colombia, Ecuador & Peru – from Cartagena to Machu Picchu
5400 km
Early to late May 2014
10. Peru, Bolivia & Brazil – from Machu Picchu to Rio de Janeiro
4100 km
Late May to 11 June 2014

Time since Start of the Journey:
Arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Day 202 after our departure from Nairobi!