The Students

Below, we are sharing with you the profiles of some of the students who are currently on the waiting list for the Jubilee Scholarship Fund. Mouse over a students image to read their profile.

Fredrick O. Owoko

Fredrick’s a talented football player and enjoys athletics. He scored 257 in KCPE

Gabriel O. Ndolo

Gabriel loves playing football. He scored 373 marks in KCPE

Sofia M. Ochego

Sofia enjoys playing basketball and is in the school team. She scored 362 marks in KCPE

Helen A. Odera

Helen is an active member of the Bible Club debate and football. She scored 314 in KCPE

Joseph O. Omondi

Joseph has great zeal in playing Rugby and Football. He scored 315 in KCPE

Kenas Oyugi

Kenas is skilled in Ruby and is interested in promoting peace. He scored 287 in KCPE

John P. Ndayambaje

John Paul’s active in debate and sports. He scored 321 in KCPE

Elizabeth Omondi

Elizabeth is a cheerful girl and a member of the Christian union. She scored 305 in KCPE

John E. Erupe

John is a talented athlete and in the field of long and high jumps. He scored 359 in KCPE

Nicholas N. Mosoi

Nicholas is well-behaved and has a great personality. He scored 382 in the KCPE

James K. Onyango

James enjoys ball games and is talented in journalism. He scored 320 in KCPE

Wycliff Oguri

Wycliff is a bright boy who is hardworking and cheerful. He scored 352 in KCPE

How you can help

As mentioned above, the total cost for 4 years of high school education in Kenya is around 3.300 US$ per child and our goal is to raise 100.000 US$ to sponsor 30 kids through high school. We would be thrilled if you help us to achieve this goal!

The Jubilee Scholarship Fund is a registered charity in Kenya (Haki Foundation Trust - Registration-Number: T062/001/M/2011/W) and we assure you that 100% of your donation is used for supporting the secondary education of the kids. Furthermore, we pledge to match each private donation with an equal amount donated from us, up to a maximum of 50,000 US$.

If you wish to support this cause, please, click on this button:

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